ColourFence vs Perma-fence

ColourFence is fast becoming a well known fencing product that many people across the UK are turning to for a long lasting fencing solution. But the only downside has always been the upfront cost, so we have compared alternative products to see what is the best solution.

ColourFence Says “We firmly believe that ColourFence is the best garden fencing product on the market today. Not only is our product great, but our service is also too. Our goal is to provide you with a metal garden fence that is attractive and fit for purpose without costly, time-consuming annual treatments. Furthermore, when you purchase our fencing, you’re investing in your gardens long-term future, which is why our garden fencing comes with a 25-year guarantee.”

We searched the online market to see if there was any alternative to this innovative fencing idea. And we found a strong competitor.

Permafence® is guaranteed to provide you with immediate relief from the pain associated with painting your fence annually. Permafence® is a premium Metal Garden Fence that is available in a range of finishes and colours. There will be no more damage to your fence due to high winds, rot or excessive moisture. Permafence® metal garden fencing has been independantly wind tunnel tested to withstand wind speeds of upto 130 mph.

So what’s the difference?

Well there are slight differences in the manufacturing and finished material, but both products are a coated metal fence designed for both commercial and residential use.

Permafence® is Plastisol Coated High Quality Metal Fencing whereas ColourFence is PowderCoated, slight difference but both are durable.

Permafence is coming out the cheaper of the two and I dont think there is any downside to the product itself, so this is the choice we would opt for!

See attached a customers Permafence recently installed by one of PermaFence’s own installers.

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